Release 0.4 Completion !

The course is over or also most over with the completion of Release 0.4. So the basic idea of this release is the same as release 0.3; we are to choose two projects to work on, one of them has to be an internal (telescope) and an external (Ecommerce-Website). Having gotten used to working with such a big group on the previous release has made it easier to work on this release with minimum problems. So let's get into it.

Server crashes if LOG_LEVEL is upper case (Internal)

So the problem that was going on was that the API that is being used to log data for the application has all the level aspect of it in lower case but there are some cases whereby a user will type in the required level for a piece of specific information and have either a character or all characters of the word in uppercase and the API will throw an error.

To fix I created a local variable call logLevel to hold the data coming from process.env.Log_Level which was stored in an env.example file and convert it lowercase, but I run into a problem that I hadn't foreseen. When a  member of this "telescope team" creates a pull request their code tested by a third party application called circle ci and Travis. Well, when I create my pull request one of the testers showed me an error "undefined".  The problem was on the master on GitHub the env.example file the log_level is empty so I had to find a workaround for it. I also made sure that the user could type in other levels of the Pino API without receiving an error.

Lifestyle-Ecommerce-Website - Vue.js  (External)

During the course of this course DPS909, I learn many things that I needed in other to complete a pull request. One of the many things a learned was how to use Vue.js and for my final external release for this course, I decided to learn more about it.  So I chose an external that required me to go in-depth when using  Vue.js for it to work. So I chose an issue where the author wanted to create a version of an e-commerce website but using Vue.js. During this issue, the most problem I had with it was routing or re-rerouting to pages from another because I couldn't just do it the same way a normal HTML page. I couldn't redirect to another page using its name even though they were in the same folder.

So I created a new javascript file and placed all the paths to each web page in there, export it and import it in the main.js create by the Vue.js CLI. One of the problems I had with this was I was using the newest version of Vue.js at that time and all videos, some blogs, and other insightful pages were using the old routing system/or format. So it was a bit hard to look for what I needed but when I found it, I was able to complete the issue and create my pull request. 




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