Setup for Release 0.3

Release 0.2 is over and I am getting ready for release 0.3. Release 0.3 is supposed to have two components; an external and an internal. The external is to be a project that we worked on during the release 0.2 period that has more issues to be solved and internal is corporate on an in-class repository for the planet Cdot site.

For the external project, I decided to finish a project that I agreed to do during, the period release of 0.2. The reason it wasn't done was that it was because I had to build the programming environment, that will allow me to solve the issue. Unfortunately, I had trouble creating the environment, so I had to postpone it to the next release.

As for the internal part of release 0.3, I decided to accept an enchantment issue created by smilegodly. The issue was to add the ability to translate the page to any language by selecting from a dropdown list.

External Issue:
Internal  Issue:


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