Hacktoberfest pull request 4: Creating a Landing Page

Finlay week of Hacktoberfest is here and my final pull request has been sent. Following the theme of practicing my HTML, I was tasked to create a landing page for a CLI Java application called "Barista".

Barista, in a nutshell, is a CLI application that helps you build your java application. With so little information on the creators Github page  I had look for sample webpages that provided more information visual with less text and was aesthetically pleasing.

I found a web application sample that met my need for this issue. On the website Start Bootstrap, it allows the viewers to see snippets of the Html code or download from web site pages under the MIT License.

I chose the sample site that had all my requirements for a sample but, informative website and modified it to my exact need. I had to dive deep into the code to loop parts that I need to change from the example the sample came with an image representing an iPhone but I changed it to a MacBook with the Java symbol on the screen.


One trouble I run into with the sample web was changing an image to make it relevant to subject matter but every time I did it and run the application locally, there changes I made, was overwritten. I had to go into the sample files to make the changes I made permanent.

Author Project: https://github.com/wasthishelpful/barista


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