Hacktoberfest Pull Request # 2

Week 2 of the hacktoberfest and my second pull request of the month is up.  Continuing with the theme of Html, the current pull request required me to find a way to compress image (size/format) and it should be able to work on all browsers.

I commented on this issue that I would like to attempt it but when I was ready to contribute to this project I found out the some else has done it without commenting on the issue. I received a message from the project creator, that even though the issue has been done, I could add some features to the application.

So I decided to add a media query to the application relating to the image that is displaying. Media query when you use the @media rule block of CSS when some certain conditions are true. In this situation, the condition is the screen size, in which the image is displayed.

As you can see from the image above the depending on the screen size the image will change its width and height. In other to add this feature I had to go back to W3 schools to look up the syntax and how to use the @media rule correctly.

Author project: https://github.com/viniciuskneves/ichbineinekartoffel.de
Pull Request: https://github.com/viniciuskneves/ichbineinekartoffel.de/pull/16
Issue: https://github.com/viniciuskneves/ichbineinekartoffel.de/issues/3


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